Two for Tuesday 11/21/2023 Conway Twitty and Roy Orbison #twofortues #countrymusic

This week’s Two for Tuesday songs with similar themes are country music songs by Conway Twitty and Roy Orbison.

Hello Darlin’ by Conway Twitty


Crying by Roy Orbison

Hello Darlin’ was written and recorded by country music artist Conway Twitty. He released it in March 1970. Hello Darlin’ was his fourth Number 1 song on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles chart. It ended up being the Number 1 song of 1970. Hello Darlin’ became Twitty’s signature song.

Crying was written by Roy Orbison and Joe Melson. The song was released in 1962, and it made it to Number 2 on the charts. Orbison’s contribution to the song is from his real-life broken heart of wanting to get back together with an old girlfriend by telling her what she meant to him, but he second-guessed himself and didn’t tell her how he felt, and he lived to regret his hesitation.

Both songs are about men who run into their old loves and how they keep up a strong front while they are talking, but inside the men are melting into puddles of regret for losing the loves of their lives.

Hello Darlin’
How am I doing?

I’m doing all right,
except I can’t sleep
and I cry all night ‘til dawn…

Then I saw you last night,
You held my hand so tight…
You couldn’t tell
That I’d been crying over you…

Until we meet again,



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