Cellpic Sunday – A little bit squirrely 9/24/2023 #cellpic

Just your friendly neighborhood park squirrel munching on something tasty. John at Journeys with Johnbo hosts Cellpic Sunday.              

Stop me before I list again 9/23/2023 Stream of Consciousness Saturday #socs

I come from a long line of list-makers, and I’ve evidently passed the list-making gene to my daughter and her two daughters. We make lists

Hello Friday! 9/22/2023 Owls in the Alley #hellofriday

  Two Great Horned Owls spent a few minutes hanging out in my alley at sunset this evening. They hooted and carried on to each

Throwback Thursday 9/21/2023 Retro chatter phone #throwbackthursday

This retro children’s pull toy certainly brings back some memories. I had one, which would have been back in the early 1960s. I remember being

One-Liner Wednesday 9/20/2023 Context Matters #1linerWeds

              Linda G. Hill hosts 1-Liner Wednesday. Until next time, Kaye Spencer Lasterday Stories writing through history one romance

Two for Tuesday 9/19/2023 Dolly Parton – Johnny Paycheck #twofortues

This week’s Two for Tuesday songs are classic country songs by two country music artists who show us the angst and heartache that accompanies the

Running Commentary 9/18/2023 #mondaymusings

  Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness prompt on Saturday (9/16), was to use ‘run’. After I wrote my contribution, I tumbled down a ‘run’

Prairie Sunset 9/17/2023 #cellpic

Sunset / dusk is my favorite time of day, and I love prairie sunsets. These four images are of the same sunset on December 22,

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