I have confidence in me 12/2/2023 #socs #soundofmusic #confidence

I’m not over-confident. I’m not under-confident. I’m generally the right amount of confident. However, there are those moments and situations and challenges that come along

Hello, Friday! 12/1/2023 #hellofriday #decemberbirthdays

Well, here it is December 1st. My gosh. It seems like just 365 days ago, it was December 1st. 😉 There are four December birthdays

Throwback Thursday 11/30/2023 The Monkees #themonkees #throwbackthursday #classicpoprock

On November 30, 1969, The Monkees performed live at the Oakland Coliseum in California. This would be their last live appearance for another 15 years.

One-liner Wednesday 11/29/2023 Room Temperature #1linerweds

It doesn’t make a difference what temperature a room is, because it’s always room temperature. Steven Wright One-Liner Wednesday is brought to us by Linda

Free Pass Day 11/28/2023 #technicaldifficulties #bloggingmeltdown

I’ve made a concerted effort to blog daily this year. Today did not go swimmingly in that regard. Consequently, I’m using one of the two

Me on Monday 11/27/2023 Irrigating in the street #meonmonday

I channeled my childhood farmer-irrigating skills late this afternoon. I live a block and a half from one of the two water towers in my

Cellpic Sunday 11/26/2023 The Getaway #cellpic

This was in July 2017 when the now 8-year-old was 2 years old. As memory serves, I was taking too long to get my shoes

Stream of Consciousness Saturday 11/25/2023 Eyes Closed #socs

              We Close Our Eyes to cry to rest to kiss to pray to sleep to think to listen

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