Hello Spring! 3/20/2023 Flowers are sprouting #meonmonday #mondaymusings #flowers

It’s been a combination of blustery, down right windy, rainy, snowy, sleeting, and 75 degrees over the past week, which is typical for March here

Cellpic Sunday 3/19/2023 Twisted branch #cellpic #naturepictures

John Steiner invites us to post a photo we’ve taken with a mobile device such as an cellphone or tablet and share it on Cellpic

A nostalgic story of tape and tapestry #SoCS 3/18/2023 Stream of Consciousness Saturday

“Tape” is the stream of consciousness word today from Linda. Years ago, Vivian’s husband, Larry, bought the latest video recording camera on the market and

Hit Song Remakes 3/17/2023 #FibbingFriday #writingprompt

It’s Fibbing Friday! Di at Pensitivity invites us to respond to 10 questions with outlandish lies, little fibs, straight up silliness, or plain old whoppers…all

Television series I’ve watched more than 5 times #dailyprompt

What movies or TV series have you watched more than 5 times? I watch a lot of movies over and over. And I do mean

Ides of March #1LinerWeds One-Liner Wednesday

1LinerWeds courtesy of Linda. Until next time, Kaye Spencer writing through history one romance upon a time *Julius Caesar image deliberately distorted – original painting

Two for Tuesday 3/14/2023 Two songs with a similar theme – Time #music #twofortues

My Two for Tuesday theme today is “Time”, which seems appropriate since Daylight Savings Time descended upon me here in Colorado just two days ago.

2023 A-to-Z Theme Reveal #blogging #atozchallenge

My theme for the 2023 A-to-Z blogging challenge is Resilience in Songs. The songs are a menagerie of Oldies, but Goodies rock, pop, disco, country,

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