13 Days of Spooky Blogging – Day 10 – Paranormal Message by Kaye Spencer #paranormalencounter #messagefrombeyondthegrave

I had a bittersweet paranormal encounter related to my dad’s death. He passed away on April 6, 2013. He’d wanted the song “Somewhere over the

13 Days of Spooky Blogging – Day 9 – Mary Reed Building, University of Denver by Kaye Spencer #hauntedbuildings #paranormal #ghoststories

The University of Denver, located in Denver, Colorado, was built in the 1890s. Mary Reed, a Denver socialite, who inherited millions after her husband died,

13 Days of Spooky Blogging – Day 8 – Spooky POEtry – E.A. Poe by Kaye Spencer #edgarallenpoe #halloween #prairierosepubs #poetry

My October featured article at the Firestar Press blog is the sixth article in a series about my favorite poems. I have reposted the entire

13 Days of Spooky Blogging – Day 7 – This house isn’t in Kansas anymore by Kaye Spencer #houseswithmemories #paranormal #oldhouses

When I met my husband, he lived in an old family house in the country. During our get-to-know-each other two years before we married, I

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