Two for Tuesday 10/31/2023 Novelty Halloween Monster Songs #twofortues #noveltysongs

Today’s Two for Tuesday songs are Halloween-themed novelty songs that are silly and fun and earworm-worthy. Haunted House by Jumpin’ Gene Simmons (not the other

Monday Musings 10/30/2023 A Halloween Tale full of OO #mondaymusings #halloweenstory

Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt for Oct. 28th was to use ‘oo’ in any way we wanted. I ended up posting a short response,

Cellpic Sunday 10/29/2023 All is not as it appears #cellpic #spookypictures

I’ve saved this picture for today as a spooky Halloween cellpic photo. I took this picture on July 5, 2023. I had just finished stringing

Ooh Ooh Ooh It’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday – 10/28/2023 #socs

I’ve written a micro Halloween story inspired by Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt of ‘oo’ that I’ll post on here for Monday Musings. For

Hello Friday! Favorite Halloween-ish Movies Part 2 – 10/27/2023 #hellofridayY #fridayfavorites #fiveforfriday

Hello, Friday! Last Friday, Oct. 20th, I shared Numbers 6 through 10 of my favorite top 10 favorite Halloween-ish movies. Today’s movies are Numbers 5

Throwback Thursday – 4th of 4 paranormal western romance excerpts 10/26/2023 #paranormalromance #paranormalwesternromance #throwbackthursday #westernromance

During the month of October, I’ve shared excerpts on Throwback Thursday from my novelette, novella, and novel that have paranormal-lite storylines. I call them ‘lite’,

We don’t talk about the Great Pumpkin – One-Liner Wednesday 10/25/2023 #1-linerweds

“There are three things that I’ve learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.” – Linus – It’s the Great Pumpkin,

Two for Tuesday 10/24/2023 Faron Young and Johnny Rodriguez #classiccountry #twofortues

This week’s Two for Tuesday songs are both classic country songs. Your Time’s Comin’ by Faron Young and How Could I Love Her So Much

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