#Bloganuary Jan 31 – Best place to watch the sunset near me #wordpress #sunsets

I live in the far southeastern corner of  Colorado on the plains of the Comanche National Grasslands. This means I have an unobstructed view of

#Bloganuary Jan 30 – Chapter titles for my (make-believe) autobiography #wordpress

My autobiography would be good for one purpose: an insomnia intervention. However, in the spirit of #Bloganuary and today’s writing prompt, I will assign three

#Bloganuary Jan 29 – Something I recently learned #wordpress

It seems I learn something new almost every day…or I think it’s new…maybe I’m deliberately forgetting what I don’t want I remember, because I’d rather

#Bloganuary Jan 28 – Describe my perfect birthday cake #wordpress

The perfect birthday cake is homemade Angel food cake with a white, fluffy, gooey, cooked-on-the-stove sticky frosting. It’s a rule that you eat this cake

#Bloganuary Jan 27 – Pros and Cons of Procrastination #wordpress

There are many influences at work in any given decision to do something or not do something, to take care of a chore now or

#Bloganuary Jan 26 – A language I wish I could speak #wordpress

I wish I could speak Spanish. Over the past 40-ish years, I’ve taken formal and informal classes to learn the language: community college classes, university

#Bloganuary Jan 25 – A song that speaks to me #wordpress

Queen‘s power ballad, “Who Wants to Live Forever” from the original Highlander movie (1986), is imbued with a haunting melody and equally haunting lyrics. This

#Bloganuary Jan 24 – How I show love #wordpress

There are countless ways to show, rather than tell, someone(s) that you love them. I might… Send a card Give a gift Cook a meal

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