Bloganuary Day 31 Writing Prompt: How do I feel when I look at the stars? #bloganuary #wordpress #stars

I enjoy looking at the stars. I live in the far southeastern, rural corner of Colorado where star-gazing is great, because there are few lights

Bloganuary Writing Prompt Day 30: Describe myself as a tree #bloganuary #wordpress #legendofthecottonwoodtree

I’m not going to describe myself as a tree.  Now that we have that out of the way, I will say that I have two

Bloganuary Writing Prompt Day 29: Changing the world…? #bloganuary #wordpress

How am I changing the world? I’m not specifically doing anything to change the world, but neither am I contributing toward the detriment of the

Blogauary Writing Prompt Day 28: What’s on my playlist? #bloganuary #wordpress #playlist

I don’t have a playlist. I’m old fashioned enough to still have a CD collection. I just pull out a CD and play it. Actually,

Bloganuary Writing Prompt Day 27: Where I go for solitude #bloganuary #wordpress #solitude

Hello solitude, my old friend. I’ve come to stay with you again… I am a solitary person by nature. My comfort zone is a combination

Bloganuary Writing Prompt Day 26: What I like best about me #bloganuary #wordpress #favoriteattribute

The personal attribute I like most about myself is my sense of humor, which runs toward the dark side of Gallows Humor aka Dark Humor,

Bloganuary Writing Prompt Day 25: What makes me strong #bloganuary #wordpress #strength

My strength comes from my resilience.         I often want to give up when enmeshed in sorrow and hardship.      

Bloganuary Writing Prompt Day 23: Interview a fictional character #bloganuary #wordpress

Today’s #bloganuary topic – ‘Interview a fictional character’ – is a standard high school English class assignment. I know, because I was an English teacher

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