Bloganuary Writing Prompt Day 22: Favorite quote #bloganuary #wordpress #princessbride

My favorite quote comes from my favorite movie. Three words explain why. The Princess Bride ‘Nuf said. Until next time, Kaye Spencer writing through history

Bloganuary Writing Prompt Day 21: The year I would time-travel to and why – #bloganuary #wordpress #constitutionalconvention

If I could time-travel (and remain completely safe, healthy, and not be terribly inconvenienced) I would go back to the year 1787 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Bloganuary Writing Prompt Day 20: A favorite photo I’ve taken #bloganuary #wordpress #favoritephoto

Summer 2013 My 19-month-old grandson parked his car beside mine. He was delighted to recognize the similar color. Being the fabulous grandma that I am,

Bloganuary Writing Prompt Day 19: A Mysterious Story #bloganuary #wordpress #mysteriousstory defines mysterious as that which is not easily comprehended or explained…being unknown or puzzling. With that mindset, I’ll tell you a true tale of

Bloganuary Day 18 Writing Prompt: The next book on my reading list is… #bloganuary #wordpress #nextread

  Had this been yesterday’s #bloganuary topic, I would have  responded that the next book on my reading list is my favorite book: The Mists

Bloganuary Day 17 Writing Prompt: What superpower would I want? #bloganuary #wordpress #superpower

The superpower I want is to be able to communicate with animals in Dr. Doolittle fashion. 😉 Until next time, Kaye Spencer writing through history

Bloganuary Day 16 Writing Prompt: Passionate about a cause? Not me. #bloganuary #wordpress

I’m not passionate about any causes. I’m leery of causes, because they sometimes serve as the façade for bandwagon riding. That’s the dark side of

Bloganuary Day 15 Writing Prompt: A life lesson everyone should learn #bloganuary “lifelessons #wordpress

When I browsed for images to accompany my response to this #bloganuary topic, I was dismayed to find an overwhelming amount of negative visuals for

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