#Bloganuary Jan 23 – Lie(s) I tell myself #wordpress

I’ve stepped away from exposure to the gloom and doom reporting in the news and on social media (looking at you Twitter) in order to

#Bloganuary Jan 22 – Childhood dream job #wordpress

I grew up on a ranch/farm in the northeastern corner of Colorado. We had dogs and cats, horses, range cattle, milk cows and baby calves,

#Bloganuary Jan 21 – My favorite author #wordpress

My favorite author is Louis L’Amour. He wrote prolifically about the American Old West, which is a topic I’ve had a life-long, intense interest in.

#Bloganuary Jan 20 – The irritating thing about my home #wordpress

  I went through 1st grade through 12th grade at a time when chalkboards were in all of the classrooms. Consequently, I understand firsthand the

#Bloganuary Jan 19 – What color describes my personality and why? #wordpress

I had my color(s) determined years ago when it was a touchy-feely, team-building, synergistic (now that’s a buzz word for you) fad to do so.

#Bloganuary Jan 18 – Favorite meal to cook or eat #wordpress

Today’s #Bloganuary prompt – favorite meal to cook or eat – is an easy one for me to write about. I don’t have a favorite

#Bloganuary Jan 17 – Describe the happiest day of my life #wordpress

I’ve experienced may happy days throughout the decades of my life, but I can’t pin down a specific happiest day. Consequently, I’ll just not worry

#Bloganuary Jan 16 – A memory linked to a smell #wordpress

I have many, many memories linked to smells. I grew up on a small ranch/farm. Branding calves, feeding hogs, riding horses, corn ensilage. I associate

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