#Bloganuary Jan 15 – Conquering a fear #wordpress

As I contemplated a response to today’s #Bloganuary prompt – a fear I’ve conquered – my dislikes, aversions, anxieties, and avoidances came readily to mind.

#Bloganuary Jan 14 – Preferred mode of travel #wordpress

I have traveled via the major modes of transportation of automobile, airplane, train, and commercial bus. My preference is to travel by automobile. Taking a

#Blognuary Jan 13 – How I would spend one billion dollars #wordpress

I can’t conceive how much money one billion dollars is. I can sort of wrap my head around the conversion of one billion equaling 1000

#Bloganuary Jan 12 – A Challenging Chore #wordpress

I’ve reached an age where if there’s a chore I don’t want to do then, by golly, I’m either not going to do it, or

#Bloganuary Jan 11 – Define Success

My definition of success has changed over the years depending upon my life circumstances at the time. Now, success means a day without drama or

#Bloganuary Jan 10 – Has a Book Changed My Life?

Lots of books have stayed with me after reading and re-reading them. These are books I’ve realized something new or have an ah-ha with each

Daily Prompt #JusJoJan Jan 9: #Endeavor

One of my writing goals for 2023 is to publish a blog article every day. This is an endeavor I’ve considered many times as January

#Bloganuary Jan 9 – Memorable Gift

I’ve received many birthday gifts that I still cherish and remember with great fondness. Thinking of gifts in recent years, I’d say the bicycle my

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