Monday Musings 11/20/2023 Grateful for home comforts #mondaymusings #meonmonday

It’s been a cold-north-wind type day here in the southeastern corner of Colorado. Nothing much in the way of moisture, but there’s been a more

Cellpic Sunday 10/22/2023 Walking on crunchy mud #cellpic

This was in mid-July 2017. I was staying with my grandsons (brothers ages 2 and 5 at the time) at their house in the country.

Cellpic Sunday – Word Play Sign 10/8/2023 #cellpic

I was in the nearest big town on Saturday for a grandson’s soccer tournament. We went to Pizza Hut after the tournament was over. This

Prairie Sunset 9/17/2023 #cellpic

Sunset / dusk is my favorite time of day, and I love prairie sunsets. These four images are of the same sunset on December 22,

Cellpic Sunday – Surprise in the flowers 8/13/2023 #cellpic #flowers #toads

Our far southeastern corner of the state (Colorado), specifically my county, which is the heart of the 1930s Dust Bowl, has received an unusually high

Two for Tuesday 8/1/2023 Colorado Day and 2 State Songs #twofortues #statesongs #coloradoday

Today, August 1st, is Colorado Day. Colorado became a state in 1876, 100 years after 1776,  hence the nickname “Centennial” state. To recognize this day

Cellpic Sunday 4/2/2023 Spanish Peaks Great Dike #cellpic #naturepictures #colorado

John Steiner at Journeys with Johnbo blog invites us to post a photo we’ve taken with a mobile device such as an cellphone, tablet, dashcam,

Love is in Da Blog – Feb 22: Ken Curtis – Colorado actor-singer #LoIsInDaBl23

The Feb. 22nd Love is in Da Blog musical prompt is a love song from an artist in my region. I’ve been eager for this

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