Kindle Vella – Mayhem and Moonshine #mywriting #mybooks #kindlevella

Mayhem and Moonshine is the title of my serialized story on the Kindle Vella platform. Rather than explain the details, here are two links to

Love is in Da Blog – Feb 25: Marty Robbins #LoIsInDaBl23

Today’s musical prompt from Bee and Jim is a love song that includes a commitment or a promise. This prompt is my favorite of all

#Bloganuary Jan 28 – Describe my perfect birthday cake #wordpress

The perfect birthday cake is homemade Angel food cake with a white, fluffy, gooey, cooked-on-the-stove sticky frosting. It’s a rule that you eat this cake

Daily Prompt #JusJoJan Jan 26: Family

Families and the family dynamic are themes that show up in my stories. My main characters either have plenty of living family members, or they

Daily Prompt #JusJoJan Jan 20: Phantom

I love, love, love the word phantom. I love it so much that I’ve included it in every story I’ve written in the past twenty

Chicago Lightning by Kaye Spencer #romanticsuspense #historicalromance #StValentinesDayMassacre

Did you know… February 14, 1929 — 93 years ago— at 2122 North Clark Street in Chicago, Illinois, there occurred an event of such historic

Remembering Johnny Cash – Feb. 26, 1932 – Sept. 12, 2003 by Kaye Spencer #johnnycash #countrymusic #classiccountry

Let’s start a movement and declare February 26th as National Johnny Cash Day. Everyone wears black and speaks in lyrics from his songs.    

21 Days of Chicago Lightning – Teasers, Tidbits, Trivia (Day 21 – 1920s reference books) by Kaye Spencer #roaringtwenties #romanticsuspense #prohibitionera

Chicago Lightning is a romantic suspense novel that begins with the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago on February 14, 1929 and ends around midnight

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