Cellpic Sunday – A little bit squirrely 9/24/2023 #cellpic

Just your friendly neighborhood park squirrel munching on something tasty. John at Journeys with Johnbo hosts Cellpic Sunday.              

Hello Friday! 9/22/2023 Owls in the Alley #hellofriday

  Two Great Horned Owls spent a few minutes hanging out in my alley at sunset this evening. They hooted and carried on to each

Prairie Sunset 9/17/2023 #cellpic

Sunset / dusk is my favorite time of day, and I love prairie sunsets. These four images are of the same sunset on December 22,

Cellpic Sunday – Wooly Worms 8/27/2023 #cellpic

I was born and raised in the northeastern corner of Colorado. I moved to the southeastern corner of Colorado 33 years ago. In NE Colorado,

Hello Friday! 8/25/2023 My Mini Pumpkin Patch #hellofriday #fabulousfriday #pumpkins

I have never aspired to have a garden. I can keep the flowers in my yard alive, but that’s as close to gardening as I’ve

Hello Friday 8/18/2023 Moths of Summer #hellofriday #moths #summer #nature

Hello, Friday! The temperature here in my southeastern corner of Colorado went over 100 degrees today. We’re to expect the same, and hotter, for the

Cellpic Sunday – Surprise in the flowers 8/13/2023 #cellpic #flowers #toads

Our far southeastern corner of the state (Colorado), specifically my county, which is the heart of the 1930s Dust Bowl, has received an unusually high

Cellpic Sunday – Bees, Butterfly, and Cosmos – 8/6/2023 #cellpic

Last Sunday, I shared a photo of a bee landing on a geranium. For today, I have three photos to share of bees and butterflies

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