Two for Tuesday 9/26/2023 A little bit of luck #twofortues #classiccountrymusic #broadway

This week’s Two for Tuesday songs are one oldie but a goodie and one country music song. Luck Be a Lady by Frank Sinatra and

Throwback Thursday 9/21/2023 Retro chatter phone #throwbackthursday

This retro children’s pull toy certainly brings back some memories. I had one, which would have been back in the early 1960s. I remember being

Running Commentary 9/18/2023 #mondaymusings

  Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness prompt on Saturday (9/16), was to use ‘run’. After I wrote my contribution, I tumbled down a ‘run’

Mornin’ Sam Mornin’ Ralph 9/4/2023 #meonmonday #mondaymusings #looneytunes

This meme absolutely delights me.  It takes me back to Saturday morning cartoons in the 1960s and taking my bowl of cereal to the living

Vinyl Records Reminiscing #SoCS 7/15/2023 Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS

My husband and I each have an extensive vinyl record collection. The variety of these records is a testament to our eclectic musical interests. He