Prime #SoCS 10/7/2023 Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS

Here’s a bit of prime trivia about me. I’m not crazy about prime rib. I never order it at a restaurant. I mean, it’s not

One-Liner Wednesday 9/6/2023 Throwing Rocks as Therapy #1linerWeds

The older I get, the more I relate to Ernest T. Bass throwing rocks at some people. Linda hosts 1-Liner Wednesday. Until next time, Kaye

Mornin’ Sam Mornin’ Ralph 9/4/2023 #meonmonday #mondaymusings #looneytunes

This meme absolutely delights me.  It takes me back to Saturday morning cartoons in the 1960s and taking my bowl of cereal to the living

Throwback Thursday 8/24/2023 Anachronistic Coffee Cups #throwbackthursday

For one television season, October 1958 through September 1959, a western called Yancy Derringer was a favorite show my parents watched. I was too young