Cellpic Sunday 11/05/2023 Bobcat at daylight #cellpic

                        Bobcat in a tree at daylight – October 2016 John at Journeys with

Cellpic Sunday – Baby toads 10/15/2023 #cellpic #toads

Baby toads are adorable.             You may need to zoom in on these pictures to see the toad ‘nests’ (burrows?)

Cellpic Sunday – A little bit squirrely 9/24/2023 #cellpic

Just your friendly neighborhood park squirrel munching on something tasty. John at Journeys with Johnbo hosts Cellpic Sunday.              

Hello Friday! 9/22/2023 Owls in the Alley #hellofriday

  Two Great Horned Owls spent a few minutes hanging out in my alley at sunset this evening. They hooted and carried on to each

Cellpic Sunday 3/19/2023 Twisted branch #cellpic #naturepictures

John Steiner invites us to post a photo we’ve taken with a mobile device such as an cellphone or tablet and share it on Cellpic

Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Wild Animals #SoCS

“Wild animals” is today’s stream of consciousness prompt from Linda. I live in a small, rural town. I live about a quarter of a mile