Cellpic Sunday – Bees, Butterfly, and Cosmos – 8/6/2023 #cellpic

Last Sunday, I shared a photo of a bee landing on a geranium. For today, I have three photos to share of bees and butterflies

Cellpic Sunday – Bee in Flight 7/30/2023 #cellpic

Landing gear down. Contact in three…two…one… John at Journeys with Johnbo hosts Cellpic Sunday. Until next time, Kaye Spencer Lasterday Stories writing through history one

Cellpic Sunday 4/30/2023 Bees and Water #cellpic #bees

Last Sunday for #Cellpic Sunday, I shared a picture of a bee feasting in the plum blossoms at my back door. Today, I’ve put up

Cellpic Sunday 4/23/2023 Springtime Bees #cellpic #bees

For #CellPic Sunday, here’s a nature picture I took with my cellphone. I have wild plum bushes in my back yard. Blossoms popped out all