#Bloganuary Jan 10 – Has a Book Changed My Life?

Lots of books have stayed with me after reading and re-reading them. These are books I’ve realized something new or have an ah-ha with each

#Bloganuary Jan 7 – My poem about the rain

The #Bloganuary prompt for today is to write a short story or poem about the rain. Danger, Will Robinson! The limerick you are about to

#Bloganuary Jan 6 – Why do I write?

I’m going to take this question a bit further and respond to why I write historical romances, mostly westerns, but any historical time period will

#Bloganuary Jan 5 – What brings me joy #joyful #joy

What brings me joy has changed over the years, often changing day-to-day and moment-to-moment. The one joy that has remained constant my entire life, even

#Bloganuary Jan 4 – A treasure that’s been lost #treasure

(Movie Spoiler Alert) This scene in Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Dead Men Tell No Tales is a hard hit to the emotions. It is

#Bloganuary Jan 3 – My first memory

Memories are fickle. Are our memories, especially our earliest memories, really ‘our’ memories, or do they become our memories once someone tells us or shares

#Bloganuary Jan 2 – How am I brave?

I don’t consider myself particularly brave or not brave. Bravery is dependent upon circumstances.   Until next time, Kaye Spencer writing through history one romance

#Bloganuary Jan 1 – What do I want to achieve this year?

I’m keeping my achievement list simple and related to my writing. I’ve never attempted to blog daily. I’m going to give that a go this

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