Hello Friday 11/24/2023 Spilled wine #hellofriday

Hello, Friday!  The predicted snowstorm fizzled out before it got to my corner of the state this morning. We have a small chance of snow

One-Liner Wednesday 11/1/2023 Impatient Cat #1linerweds #sillycats

“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.” Albert Schweitzer       This is Dusty helping himself to

Nonetheless #SoCS 8/19/2023 Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS

Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday for today is: “the first 3 words of the first full sentence.” Grab the closest book to you when you

Refilled #SoCS 6/10/2023 Stream of Consciousness Saturday #SoCS

APOLOGY: This post was published then it disappeared then it showed up again and disappeared again. I’m sorry if you’ve receive multiple notifications. *face palm*

Cellpic Sunday 6/18/2023 Tree Cat #cellpic

This is Dusty. He wasn’t quite three months old. I didn’t think he was old enough to be climbing to the tops of trees, but

One-Liner Wednesday 5/17/2023 Ginger Roger #1linerWeds

“Cats can work out mathematically the exact place to sit that will cause the most inconvenience.” Pam Brown quoted in Woman’s Day This is Ginger

Cellpic Sunday – Furry Friends 5/7/2023 #cellpic

These buddies who are soaking up some early Sunday morning sunshine are (cat) Baymax and Goldendoodle, Hero. They live with my two young grandsons. When

A cat and a kid #ThrowbackThursday #cats #grandkids

Throwback Thursday! August 26, 2013     This is my oldest grandson meeting a cat for the first time. It was a half-grown rescue kitten

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