Cellpic Sunday 11/26/2023 The Getaway #cellpic

This was in July 2017 when the now 8-year-old was 2 years old. As memory serves, I was taking too long to get my shoes

Cellpic Sunday 11/12/2023 Footprints Preserved in Concrete #cellpic #footprints

Aren’t these sidewalk footprints the cutest thing? They are somewhere around 75 years old. I’ve lived in my house for 26 years. The house was

Cellpic Sunday 11/05/2023 Bobcat at daylight #cellpic

                        Bobcat in a tree at daylight – October 2016 John at Journeys with

Cellpic Sunday 10/29/2023 All is not as it appears #cellpic #spookypictures

I’ve saved this picture for today as a spooky Halloween cellpic photo. I took this picture on July 5, 2023. I had just finished stringing

Cellpic Sunday 10/22/2023 Walking on crunchy mud #cellpic

This was in mid-July 2017. I was staying with my grandsons (brothers ages 2 and 5 at the time) at their house in the country.

Cellpic Sunday – Baby toads 10/15/2023 #cellpic #toads

Baby toads are adorable.             You may need to zoom in on these pictures to see the toad ‘nests’ (burrows?)

Cellpic Sunday – Word Play Sign 10/8/2023 #cellpic

I was in the nearest big town on Saturday for a grandson’s soccer tournament. We went to Pizza Hut after the tournament was over. This

Cellpic Sunday -Squeak toys never last 10/1/2023 #cellpic

A tisket, a tasket, a brown and vinyl basket… Of which Mars promptly dumped out the new squeak toys so he could carry the basket

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