Cellpic Sunday 6/4/2023 Antique Water Wagon #cellpic

This antique water hauling wagon was part of the rustic-themed decorations in a yard not far from my house. It sat there for many years.

Cellpic Sunday 5/28/2023 Tree within a tree #cellpic #naturepictures

This tree is on the property my mom sold about a year ago here in my town. These pictures are two years old.    

Cellpic Sunday – A discarded flashcard 5/21/2023 #cellpic

On a slushy-snowy October afternoon in the fall of 2020, while I was on a walk with my dogs, I came across twenty-ish English/Spanish flashcards

Cellpic Sunday 5/14/2023 Eight-year-old with a camera #cellpic

I gave my cellphone to my eight-year-old grandson at my oldest granddaughter’s after-graduation reception yesterday and asked him to take pictures, so we’d always remember

Cellpic Sunday – Furry Friends 5/7/2023 #cellpic

These buddies who are soaking up some early Sunday morning sunshine are (cat) Baymax and Goldendoodle, Hero. They live with my two young grandsons. When

Cellpic Sunday 4/30/2023 Bees and Water #cellpic #bees

Last Sunday for #Cellpic Sunday, I shared a picture of a bee feasting in the plum blossoms at my back door. Today, I’ve put up

Cellpic Sunday 4/23/2023 Springtime Bees #cellpic #bees

For #CellPic Sunday, here’s a nature picture I took with my cellphone. I have wild plum bushes in my back yard. Blossoms popped out all

Cellpic Sunday 4/16/2023 Looks like take out tonight #cellpic #foodfails

Tell me supper is ruined without telling me supper is ruined…                          This disaster

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