Two for Tuesday 9/26/2023 A little bit of luck #twofortues #classiccountrymusic #broadway

This week’s Two for Tuesday songs are one oldie but a goodie and one country music song. Luck Be a Lady by Frank Sinatra and

Love is in Da Blog – Feb 11: Love Song of Forgiveness – Tonight Carmen #LoIsIDaBl23

Yesterday, I shared a love song about unconditional love by the country music artist Marty Robbins. Well, guess what? Marty and his music return for

Country Music Memory – 1949 and 1985 by Kaye Spencer #westernfictioneers #classiccountry #cowboysongs

My article for May on the Western Fictioneers’ blog is about an iconic cowboy song that I incorporated the basic story (not the lyrics) into