Hello Friday! Favorite Halloween-ish Movies Part 2 – 10/27/2023 #hellofridayY #fridayfavorites #fiveforfriday

Hello, Friday! Last Friday, Oct. 20th, I shared Numbers 6 through 10 of my favorite top 10 favorite Halloween-ish movies. Today’s movies are Numbers 5

Hello Friday! Favorite Halloween-ish movies Part 1 – 10/20/2023 #hellofriday #fridayfavorites #fiveforfriday

Hello, Friday! For today and next Friday (Oct. 27th), I’m sharing my top 10 favorite Halloween-ish movies. Today’s movies are Numbers 10 to 6, Scary

Hello Friday! 9/28/2023 Last Friday in September #fiveforfriday #hellofriday

Hello Friday! Here in the far southeastern corner of Colorado, we’ve enjoyed a gentle transition from end of summer to beginning of autumn. Not too

Hello Friday! Endings of 5 novels 7/28/2023  #hellofriday  #fiveforfriday #fridayfavorites

Hello, Friday! Today, I’m sharing the last few lines of five books I’ve read many times. For those of you who don’t like surprises at the

Hello Friday! 6/30/20223 #fabulousfriday #fiveforfriday #hellofriday

So, I’m a smidgeon late to say Hello, Friday!, so I’ll say, Hello, Friday night! ha Here’s a trivia game for Five for Friday, called

Hello Friday! 6/23/2023 Movies-Books #fiveforfriday

Hello, Friday! My Five for Friday topic is: Movies that are better than the books (whatever “better” means to you). Here are five that I

Hello Friday! 6/16/20223 5 favorites about me #fabulousfriday #fiveforfriday #fridayfavorites

Hello, Friday!   It’s a #fabulousfriday here in the far southeastern corner of Colorado. How about five random tidbits about me? ‘Okay’, you say? Great!

Hello Friday! 6/9/2023 A Permanent Woman #fiveforfriday #shortstory

Hello, Friday! Today I’m sharing five paragraphs for #FiveforFriday from my western romance novelette (fancy schmancy term for long short story… Is that an oxymoron?)

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