Throwback Thursday – Favorite Books from 6th – 9th grade Years – Month of July – 3rd of 4 books #throwbackthursday #favoritebooks

For #ThrowbackThursday during the month of July, I’m sharing my favorite books from my upper elementary and junior high school years. This was way back

#Bloganuary Jan 21 – My favorite author #wordpress

My favorite author is Louis L’Amour. He wrote prolifically about the American Old West, which is a topic I’ve had a life-long, intense interest in.

#Bloganuary Jan 10 – Has a Book Changed My Life?

Lots of books have stayed with me after reading and re-reading them. These are books I’ve realized something new or have an ah-ha with each

Bloganuary Day 6 Writing Prompt: Someone who inspires me #bloganuary #wordpress

Inspire: to make (someone) want to do something; to give (someone) an idea about what to do or create. This topic stumped me. There are

Kaye Spencer’s Top 10 favorite Louis L’Amour novels #louislamour #westernfictioneers #westerns

This is my June article reposted here from the Western Fictioneers blog.     It seems all together fitting and proper to remember Louis L’Amour

History #Trivia – Week of March 19-25 by Kaye Spencer

March 19, 1916: Eight American planes took off in pursuit of Pancho Villa. This event became the first United States air-combat mission in history. March