Two for Tuesday 7/25/2023 Buck Owens and Peaches and Herb #twofortues #classiccountrymusic #r&b

This week’s Two for Tuesday songs with a similar theme are from country music’s Buck Owens and the R&B-Soul duo Peaches and Herb. Together Again

Love is in Da Blog – Feb 9: Love Song for the Planet #LoIsIDaBl23

The Feb. 9th musical prompt for Love is in Da Blog is ‘a love song for the planet’. Other than ‘We are the World” and

Love is in Da Blog – Feb 2: Rap song – Satisfied #Hamilton #LoIsIDaBl23

Bee’s musical prompt for Feb. 2nd is a hip-hop or rap love song from my teenage years. Rap and hip-Hop didn’t exist during my teenage

Love is in Da Blog – Feb 1: Buck Owens – Love’s Gonna Live Here #LoIsIDaBl23

This morning I discovered a delightful February daily blogging challenge courtesy of Bee Halton: Love is in Da Blog 2023. Thank you, Bee. 😉 Today’s