Hello Friday 9/15/2023 Spanish Tango Dance in Mask of Zorro #hellofriday

Hello Friday! I am the featured blogger on the first and second Wednesdays of each month on the Blogger platform for Western Fictioneers and Prairie

Review – Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny 7/24/2023 #meonmonday #mondaymusings #moviereview

Last Friday, I posted that I was on my way to see the new Indiana Jones movie. For #Monday Musings, here’s what I have to

Easy Virtue tango movie scene #moviedancescenes #prairierosepubs

[Partial repost of my article on the Prairie Rose Publications’ blog – 3/8/2023] This is the third of my year-long series of articles at the

Love is in Da Blog – Feb 26: Everything I Do I Do It for You #LoIsInDaBl23

For the choose your own love song prompt today, I’m sharing another Bryan Adams (Feb. 12th Bryan Adams, Sting, Rod Stewart) power ballad from the

The King and I – #prairierosepubs #movie dance scenes

I blog at the Prairie Rose Publications’ blog on the second Wednesday of the month. For 2023, I’m doing a year-long series in which I

Love is in Da Blog – Feb 7: It Must Have Been Love #LoIsIDaBl23

Bee’s prompt for today is a love song from Scandinavia. The song I’ve chosen is by the Swedish pop duo Roxette. It Must Have Been

Daily Prompt #JusJoJan and #SoCS Jan 14: Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time doesn’t conjure images of castles, damsels in distress, knights, dragons, quests, or any of the ubiquitous fairy tale tropes for me.

Movie trivia – Four movies – Same plot by Kaye Spencer #hollywood #westernfictioneers #movies

Stop by the Western Fictioneers’ blog to read my article about four movies that share the same basic plot. Instead of writing about an April-in-history

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