13 Days of Spooky Blogging – Day 11 – Vanishing hitchhiker legends and songs by Kaye Spencer #vanishinghitchhiker #halloween #ghoststories

Vanishing hitchhiker legends go back hundreds of years. According to Snopes.com website, folklorist Jan Harold Brunvand wrote of the phenomenon in his 1981 book, The

13 Days of Spooky Blogging – Day 10 – Paranormal Message by Kaye Spencer #paranormalencounter #messagefrombeyondthegrave

I had a bittersweet paranormal encounter related to my dad’s death. He passed away on April 6, 2013. He’d wanted the song “Somewhere over the

13 Days of Spooky Blogging – Day 8 – Spooky POEtry – E.A. Poe by Kaye Spencer #edgarallenpoe #halloween #prairierosepubs #poetry

My October featured article at the Firestar Press blog is the sixth article in a series about my favorite poems. I have reposted the entire

13 Days of Spooky Blogging – Day 7 – This house isn’t in Kansas anymore by Kaye Spencer #houseswithmemories #paranormal #oldhouses

When I met my husband, he lived in an old family house in the country. During our get-to-know-each other two years before we married, I

13 Days of Spooky Blogging – Day 6 – Restless Native American Spirit by Kaye Spencer #hauntedhouse #paranormal #halloween

My parents built a new house when I was eleven on land they’d owned since the 1950s. This house was a flat-topped, one level, rectangular

13 Days of Spooky Blogging – Day 5 – Haunted House in Ravenna, Ohio by Kaye Spencer #hauntedhouse #paranormal #ghosts

In the summer of 1980, I moved from my hometown of Ft. Morgan, Colorado to Ravenna, Ohio (40 miles from Cleveland). I was married at

13 Days of Spooky Blogging – Day 3 – Haunted St. James Hotel by Kaye Spencer #halloween #ghoststories #paranormal

Day 3 of my 13 Days of Spooky Blogging for Halloween – Haunted St. James Hotel, Cimarron, New Mexico   The history of the St.

New Release: The Gunfighter’s Woman – paranormal western romance by Kaye Spencer

It’s autumn and it’s October! My favorite time of year. So, to kick off the paranormal Halloween-themed reading month, here is my latest release –

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