Two for Tuesday 10-17/2023 If this is love, I can’t explain it #twofortues #classicrock #bighairbands #classicrock

This week’s Two for Tuesday songs are rock songs I became familiar with during the Big Hair era of the 1980s. Is This Love? by

Two for Tuesday 7/18/2023 Roxette and Cinderella #twofortues #powerballad 

This week’s Two for Tuesday songs with a similar theme are from the Swedish pop-rock duo Roxette and the blues-rock band Cinderella. It Must Have

Two for Tuesday 5/9/2023 Two songs with a similar theme – Whitesnake and Van Halen #twofortues #music 

On Two for Tuesday, I share two songs with similar themes. Today’s songs: Is this Love? by Whitesnake and When It’s Love by Van Halen.

#Bloganuary Jan 25 – A song that speaks to me #wordpress

Queen‘s power ballad, “Who Wants to Live Forever” from the original Highlander movie (1986), is imbued with a haunting melody and equally haunting lyrics. This