Two for Tuesday 6/13/2023 Two songs with a similar theme – Janis Joplin – Tammy and George #twofortues #music 

On Two for Tuesday, I share two songs with similar themes. Today’s songs are: Me and Bobby McGee and My Elusive Dreams Both songs tell

Hit Song Remakes 3/17/2023 #FibbingFriday #writingprompt

It’s Fibbing Friday! Di at Pensitivity invites us to respond to 10 questions with outlandish lies, little fibs, straight up silliness, or plain old whoppers…all

My Favorite Song by Kaye Spencer #westernfictioneers #folkmusic #songs #music

We all have songs that mean something extra special to us whether by our associating them with a special event, a loved one, a precious

Just for fun… Kaye Spencer’s favorite song #EQuills #MFRWauthors

What’s my favorite song? Stop by Prairie Rose Publications and find out what song it is. Follow this link: Hint: It’s an Americanized rendition