WordPress and Blog Writing 6/12/2023 #meonmonday #mondaymusings #wordpress

I use the WordPress ‘classic’ editor instead of ‘Gutenberg’ to write my blog posts, and I know it shows. Admittedly, I don’t like the gaps

#Bloganuary Jan 30 – Chapter titles for my (make-believe) autobiography #wordpress

My autobiography would be good for one purpose: an insomnia intervention. However, in the spirit of #Bloganuary and today’s writing prompt, I will assign three

#Bloganuary Jan 23 – Lie(s) I tell myself #wordpress

I’ve stepped away from exposure to the gloom and doom reporting in the news and on social media (looking at you Twitter) in order to

#Bloganuary Jan 16 – A memory linked to a smell #wordpress

I have many, many memories linked to smells. I grew up on a small ranch/farm. Branding calves, feeding hogs, riding horses, corn ensilage. I associate

#Bloganuary Jan 14 – Preferred mode of travel #wordpress

I have traveled via the major modes of transportation of automobile, airplane, train, and commercial bus. My preference is to travel by automobile. Taking a

#Blognuary Jan 13 – How I would spend one billion dollars #wordpress

I can’t conceive how much money one billion dollars is. I can sort of wrap my head around the conversion of one billion equaling 1000

‘Encanto’ – Mirabel as the bridge for change – March #wordprompt #bridge #wordpress

I’m not going to summarize the Disney movie Encanto. If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll understand my references to the characters. If you haven’t seen